Membership Summary

Application to the club requires a $75.00 fee, $25.00 of which is due with application submittal.

Each new member is assessed an equity fee of $1,625.00 upon being accepted and joining the club.

The refund schedule is as follows: ($75.00 initiation fee is non-refundable)

Monthly dues: $68.00, payable in advance. Dues cover fixed costs such as hangar rental, aircraft liability insurance, general supplies, etc.

New Member Documents

If you are ready to join us, fill out the membership application.

Read the Induction Procedure.

Contact us

We would be happy to show you our aircraft and answer any questions you may have. Get in touch with one of us:

Vice President, Membership

Leo Petretta

(734) 981-7239


Cal Locklin

(734) 740-0215

e-mail us to come and see our planes.